Hello, how I know I'm the best at Pi

There’s really a simple way to know I’m the best at Pi.

Right now integrity response drones sells for a profit of 56million isk per 418 units.

Jita’s entire buy orders are about 1200.

At a little less profit to cover the spread in price thats the entire Jita buy market right now.

I can fulfill that on just one of my characters stationed in the area.

It would take me less than an hour to fulfill that.

The fact NO ONE else does to make a quick and risk-less 150million isk…

Suggests to me no one else can.

Which suggests to me…no one else knows how.

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To be blunt. that’s a guaranteed 6.5% (make it even 5% after taxes/costs) return on investment for less than an hour worth of work.

It’s in Jita.

And NO ONE else is exploiting it. And has not been exploiting it.

These gains are better than trader’s returns and less risk. And they are all throughout the Jita Pi market.

No one has the production to exploit them but me?

No one else can?

Good job. Keep up the good work!

lol ooo so impressed!

Why are you trying to brag on the new citizen forum?

I think he wants people to invest with him?

Now, watch how your profits go down in blink of eye.

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Ohhhhh, someone’s in need bragging!

Back at the first triglavian mining event, I suggested to Black Pedro to mine some of the higher yield ore, because it likely won’t be around for the next event. So he spent a few hours mining it on seven characters.

At the next mining event we’ve sold everything for 18 billion ISK profit.

Oh wow, I can do this even without bragging!
Wow! Who would have thought that’s possible?? :open_mouth:

Your 150 Million ISK are really cute!
You really should take it!
Don’t spend it all at once! :smiley:

I’m not going to bother breaking down where your economics is wrong. Here’s a few.

3 omegas = 8bil isk a month.
Mining event = rare, not even monthly.
spent more than a few hours too. Lol

Moon mining is more lucrative lol.

Each has inherently more risk to be added to your cost

Guys - we keep saying we want players. Be nice!


But! If they are using their stuff to build other profitable things, well just enjoy that slice of the pie.

“If I go on what I read”people are making billions of Isk every hour from rich retired players in Jita who want you to have fun by playing their quiz games. all you do is give them the first billion and you get a boat load of Isk. I mean people are making so much Isk everyday from these nice retired players who still manage to play even after a year and they even tell you how risk free it is, there is so much Isk it makes you wonder why people get so mad when they loose their ship ?

First: 3 Omegas = 1.7 bill * 3 = 5.1 billion isk

Second: 3 hours of mining (I’ve asked) netting 18 billion isk.
Besides that are you not half as smart as you think you are.

I mean … just look at yourself. You’re making fun of the fact that he mined three hours (I’ve asked) and we gained 18 billion isk from it. The chars are essentially free, because they’re SP farmed.

Your dick wasn’t just short when you started this thread, your dick is now even shorter for making this ridiculous post exposing how much of a wimp you must be in real life for getting off of this ■■■■■■■■.

I’m sure you can come up with some brilliant reply making you look even less like someone who actually has anything going for him.




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I make average 1B benefit (net, after tax, etc) per day. Just from selling and building stuff. This month I was away for two weeks, and still made >1B isk/day average. Best I did was 3B/day over a week, I don’t really know the best daily value.

Why would I try to do PI ?

And BTW when I want to farm, I do 500M/h easily. Why would I do PI ?

Yesterday I bought two ships worth 2B each, for a friend, plus a skill injector, plus a 500M skin, today I bought 300 plex , I still have 4B more than I had yesterday. Why are you bragging about pocket money ?


Very nice!

You’re still about 3 zeroes away from impressing anyone in 2019 Eve, but keep at it and you’ll get there some day.


Anderson nobody cares about your money jacked accounts. We all know you BUY your isk and skill injectors lol.

What I’m talking about is 100% in game theoretical maxes.

You can MAYBE make 3billion isk per month from harvesting in Pi.

You can MAYBE get a 15%-20% return on investment on factory planets in Pi.

These are hard limits.

All your 300plex ain’t going to F-king change that.

Too bad you’re so far off on price of Plex nobody can take you serious.

See you around poser.


His price is within a rounding error of Jita Buy. Even if you were paying Jita Sell, it’s only 230m more than the value he quoted.

You, on the other hand, were wrong by almost 3 billion.

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Indeed I buy them, with isk, earned form my ingame (in-)activity. Where did I say otherwise ?

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