Pi is broken? (How many planets to produce 1 unit of p4)

For the highest value I’ll use the following variety of p4 in this demonstration.

To make continuous production of p4 per hour:

It takes 3 types of p3 to make one type of p4.

P2 -> p3 chain:
If it takes 2 types of p2 to make a p3, then it takes 6 factories making p3. But since it takes 2 hours to make enough units, 12 factories are needed to make enough p3 per hour.

12 x p3 factories.

To fuel those factories you need the p2.

P1->p2 chain:
It takes 2 p1 types to make a p2 type. And again it takes 2 hours to make enough units. To fuel 12 (p2->p3 factories) needs 48 (p1->p2) factories.

P0->p1 chain:
It takes 1 p0 to make 1 p1 and it takes 2 hours to make enough p1 to make a unit of p2.

96 p0->p1 factories.

If we assume we can fuel 8 p0->p1 factories per planet. Then

12 planets for p0 inputs. (P0->p1 @8 factories fully fueled)
4 planets with 12 p1->p2 factories.
1 planet with 12 p2->p3s factories and 1 continuously fueled p3->p4 factory.

K so the smallest number of planets likely per p4 is 18.

But, a properly made p3->p4 factory planet can continuously produce 14 p4 per hour.

Yes…you read that correctly.

One p3-p4 factory planet can produce 252 planets worth of production/farming.

A single account with IC level IV for all 3 characters can have 15 such planets.

A single account can leverage 3,780 to 4,536 (IC level V) planets of production.

That’s a TREMENDOUS amount of market power to p4 factory planets.

Were someone to know how to run 14 p3->p4 factories on a single planet.

There is a bottleneck at the p0->p1 stage, noticeable by how 12 full planets are needed.

While only 6 planets are needed to go from p1->p4

It would be interesting to compare this bottleneck with others in other industries to see if other industries also share a 2:1 ratio between base-material and all other refined products.

Oh ■■■■ this kid is back again.


Lots of people know how and maybe a few even do it - so what? The person running that factory needs to purchase the raw material on the market and, the last time I checked, P4 production added no value - even P3 is problematic unless you consume it yourself, I make robotics and guidance systems for drones.

You would also need to use most of your game time hauling stuff to and from that factory. Again - OK if that’s what you want to do but not a fast road to riches!

All of what you said is wrong. And irrelevant to the point of the post which is the REASON factory planets are such powerful isk makers and market shapers.

I hopped on and in 40 minutes of hauling just 4 of my p3 factory planets will have made 115million isk in profit by this time tomorrow.

(115million isk earned in 40 minutes from 4 planets)

Every input is Jita bought and all output will be Jita sold.

P4 vs p3 consideration came down to laziness.

The p3 had easier haulage (40 minutes versus an hour).

Also, I timed this run and was by no means sweating bullets. I was being lazy and keeping strictly to best flight practices.

If you’re enjoying yourself and making ISK, go for it. Jita is a very efficient market so the supply/demand imbalance you’re exploiting probably won’t last. Make sure you’re thinking ahead to what comes next!

I do respect you.

But the market is pretty stable. There’s sometimes movement but not like you think.

Now I posted another thread that shows where the real weakness in Jita Pi (p4) market is…

Because I’m the one that can destroy the price of the market.

I’m not worried about the market selling out from under me.

But as I state in my other thread.

It’s because I can literally make 1200 p4 from an hours worth of work (and a day to cook it).

Anyway. As I go for the day, this thread is about WHY p3 and p4 are so powerful (highly leveraged).

They consume accounts worth of planets of production.

I can brag about how much I produce (and for a reason) in the other thread.

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