Current State of PI

Good day all, long time vet here looking to maybe hop back in.

When I left PI was pretty lucrative. My accounts were PLEX-sufficient simply by doing PI in a WH.

Is that still possible? Any insight would be appreciated! (After all, it’s hard to afford my PVP lifestyle if I have to work to pay for PLEX, you know?)

(As a note, I would run multiple accounts in the WHs, generally a WH with a high sec opening for easy selling (C3 at the highest, I think).)

Yes, you can still plex an account with PI only.
Edit: PI materials dropped a bit in price, but plex dropped more so it is actually easier now.

The customs offices are player-owned now - I don’t know how long you have been away. This can have a major impact on your taxes.

However they can be destroyed and replaced with your own Customs Offices at a rate more favourable to you.

That’s generally what I do if the tax rate is too high. I usually don’t like to sit in a WH linked to high sec in a ship big enough to rip one down.

I would most likely be enlisting in a WH corp anyway.

I’m sharing a hole’s planets with a friend and we might need a new hole with fresh planets by the end of the year. Feels like planets regenerate slower than they used to.

Interesting - I never stayed in one place long enough to feel the long-term effects of PI.

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