PI in WH space

i have been out of game for almost 3 years , is doing PI in wh space still profitable? i was able to plex 2 accounts with 4 alts doing PI before.

Profitable, yes. PLEXING 2 accounts off of it may be a stretch though due to a number of factors, including the rising PLEX prices.

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It’s quite possible to PLEX 2 accounts with semi-passive income from Planetary Production; however you’d need more than the four (4) alts you currently have, my guess would be that you’d need to utilize all of you available slots/characters (I assume you have 2 main + 4 alts?). With 6 characters you’d have upto 36 planetary setups at your disposal. Have extraction planets (Raw --> P1) and a couple of factory planets (P1 --> P2-4), there are no right or wrong way to do PI but you can optimize it a fair bit to maximize your production and thereby also your profit.


true the price of plex is rather stupid now

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you may find nullsec is just as good but requires less investment.


might be less trouble than scanning out of a wh once every 2 weeks too :slight_smile:

J-space PI is still fantastic. Even in today’s Plex prices you could most likely plex an account if using all three characters.

Lot of obstacles to wormholes though. I consider it a nice benefit of living in a hole, would not just PI in one.

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