How much Isk can I expect to make in PI per 1 character per month in null sec?

I am debating setting up 6 alts on my 3 accounts for nothing but PI. If I manage the planets averagely (let’s say weekly), how much can I make per character per month with PI max skills in Null Sec, high sec, and WH space?

My metric is about 100mil per month minimum. WH PI is indeed nice and even better with a HS static. C1 WH PI is exactly the same as C6 PI.

100mil per month is very doable and the logistics are not that bad if you have a BR and implants. (I make t3 product)

I should probably change that metric to maybe 150-200 per month due to inflation and the 50% volume reduction.

I believe getting 0% tax POCOs in WH space is easier vs NS. But that I will leave up to debate.

Somewhere between 100m and 200m/ month/ character if you’re not too lazy about it.

Obligatory repost: Meph's Magical PI Setups for the Interminably Lazy

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Depends which level PI you’re doing. P3 and P4 while more valuable usually takes more time to manage.

Also, where are you selling it?

If you have a corp that will buy it from you that’s different (and better) than have to collect it and haul it to a trading hub.

i make between 2 - 2.7 Billion/month with 3 toons in lowsec, however some materials are difficult to come by, so you may need to pay a bit more attention to it, to meet the quota (which is 500 Plex for me) :slight_smile:

stopped making anything higher than P2 since its not really worth the effort and takes too many reccources.
also P3 or higher makes PI become a job, while P2 can be done with as little as 5minutes effort/day


on 7 characters over 41 planets in WH space i pull between 700 to 900m every 4 days, reset days takes about 25/30 minutes to reset up, collection day (once every 4 days) maybe up to an hour

Which is best for pi… Null sec, low sec, WH space, or high sec?
What is the order of these for PI from best to worst?

3 toons making P2 brings in 2+bill/mo?! :dizzy_face:

Don’t forget if you’re manufacturing on planets that aren’t your corp’s POCOs, then you have the transfer tax cost too. That can add up.

Toon 1 + 2

  • produces P1 on all planets (extraction runns 3Days (so its in the 30min cycle time),
  • reset extractors (reposition if needed) EVERY DAY!!!
    otherwise you never going to have enough materials.
  • only power and consolidation skills required.


  • find a system with low tax rate, for manufacturing.
    (P1 tax doesn’t matter that much but if you pull 100mill materials, tax matters!)
  • Rent a corp office in the system.
    this way Toon 1 and 2 can just drop the P1 into a hangar,
    and you not need to waste time and ISK on contracts.
    plus the main does not have to jump with large amounts of cargo.
  • if you cheap you can use the office also to share the Epithal
  • and 2 small planes (Barren or temperate with less than 7000km radius)

Toon 3 (main)

  • should have best scanning skills to look for planets for the other two,
    this way you not need to have the skills, just find the planets and fly there blind :wink:

  • 3-4 planets are used to subsidice bad havarests (get whatever is short from the other ones)

  • 2 manufacturing planets. that look like this
    Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 20.57.05

  • feed each planet 45k of each pad (one pad for 1 P1)
    it’s not needed, but this gives you wiggleroom, just evey time you fly to the planet, looks whats left and bring enough to top it back up to 45k

  • you could do 47k but not more otherwise you won’t have space for the P3 stuff.

That results in 2880 units P3 per planet per day

Practical example
Viral Agent get’s you 43632000.00/day (selling it to Highsec Buyback)
thats 87264000 on 2 planets per day or 2.618 Billion in 30 days.

easy peasy.


  • a epithal with 50mn MWD and improoved cloak (a WCS iff you feel heroic).
    nothing else, the moment you undock the ship is considered lost, all that matters is the cargo!
    ** The cloak and MWD is just for the gates.
    ** if you get ganked at customs, well you get ganked at customs, there is nothing you can do about it.
    forget the ship, make sure the cargo gets back to the Customs office before you blow up.

For resource extraction: Wormhole > Null > Lowsec > Hisec.

All wormhole systems have a -1.0 “TrueSec” status. Null varies from -0.1 to -1.0.

Only factory planet PI is worth doing in hisec and then only if you have a favourable POCO tax rate. Extraction rates and resource depletion in hisec is very bleagh.

the volume you make P2 does by far outweight the value gained making P3/P4
not to mention the additional reccources needed, added omplexity and the fact that this will become a fulltime job :wink:

P2 = reset extractors every day, make a havarest flight every 2-4 days and reload the factories every day 1/2. thats like 15 min on average per day. (depending on where the planets are of course, and how many gatecamps you have to wait out, it’s lowsec after all) :wink:

no such thing :wink: with max skills its still like 11%

Many moons ago I flew with RvB.
We owned basically every poco within 3j of Jita.
Raging torrents of ISK poured into the alliance coffers from those pocos. Enough that we had our own “loyalty point” store. FC fleets for a few hours, get yourself a Dramiel.
IIRC: the barren planets were the most profitable with many folk running factories on them.


Which skills effect POCO tax?

Customs Code Expertise lowers it by 10% per level
but that is only for the NPC tax, in low/null that matters little.
as the PCO owner takes the beef, in highsec NPC take it.

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If you’re using 2 launch pads on the same planet, how do you move PI to/from each pad via the POCO? :thinking:

when you go to drop stuff onto the planet, there’s a dropdown menu in the POCO that allows you to select which launchpad you will deliver to.

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on Production planets, focus on what is going out, over what is going in.

Like this:

  • Load the ship with items needed
  • if the coast is clear, undock and warp to customs
  • during warp open the customs menu and transfer the items you want to get off, pay the tax
    (make sure the cost at the bottom is NOT red, missing this step can be deadly)
  • then grab the items you want to deliver, drag them over to customs and hold the mouse button, while you still in warp, so you can let go the second your ship drops out of warp.
    the focus here is to have a empty ship every time you are vunerable.
  • then FIRST and immideadtly initiate the warp to the next destination.
  • while the ship ligns up … take the stuff you paid tax for while flying there, hold it over the cargo window of your ship, but not drop it before the Warp-Bar is starting to move faster.

if you do get tackled, yor stuff is not in the ship, (since you still holding it) so there is little to lose if that happens, thats why focus on having a empty ship. it’s better to warp off with nothing in the ship to return and doing it again, over having 200mill of P2 in your ship and get blown up by some drones :wink:

if you do get attacked, do what you usually do when that happens, but prioritize the cargo, you can drop 35k m3 on ANY POCO (even if you do not have Pi at the planet) … focus on transfering it back to customs, you not have to transfer it, just leave it in the left hanger it cost you no tax, and it stays there forever (unless someone blows up the POCO)

the epithal is 3million while your cargo maybe 200million …
so damage control is far more important than having a scratch in the Ego :wink:

additionally, if you do serve more than 1 planet in a system, approach them from outer to inner (larger planet numbers first) this way you do reduce the chance running into the customs office while the ship does align.

finally once you in warp to your next destination, there is planety of time to select the correct pad, and transfer the stuff you did bring to the right pad, pay the tax and so on.
never do this wile you at customs!! every second counts.

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