Solo WH PI - would this work?

Hey all, I currently have a relatively lucrative PI operation set up in Lowsec and I had an idea for PI in WH (mostly for the fun of it) but I don’t know if it would work in terms of game mechanics.

I know that you have to be in a certain distance from the planet (based on skills) to scan for resources, but in my experience I can reset extractors from anywhere. Does this work if I’m in K-Space but my planets are in WH space?

My thought was to find a good WH system with a static to highsec, set up my PI in that system, and leave two alts in there with it, one of them the hauler alt and one a scanner. Then once every few weeks I just use the scanner alt to find the way to highsec, BM it for the hauler, the hauler takes thW PI to market but the scanner stays in the WH so I don’t lose it :-).

If I can reset my extractors daily from known- space, then the two alts will be active so infrequently that they should never draw any particular attention from anyone.

So does this work? Would this work? Right now my Corp just isn’t in a place where we can set up in WH space, but I’d love to still have a presence In WH space in some ways and I think PI might be a fun way to do it. What do you think?

you would be much better off to have your alts join a wormhole corp that had a great PI solar system and structure available.

I think it would work, but I’d set the PI up so it didn’t need refreshing every day. I live in a WH. My PI is set up for a 2-day cycle but I have a corps-mate who’s PI is set up for a weekly cycle - lower yield, but a lot less involvement.

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There is group called wurmlife Freeports with some public structures in low-class WHs. The Corp owns the poco and you stick your PI alts in crank stuff out no questions asked. :slight_smile:

The problem is not in PI game mechanics, it’s definitely doable… Problem is keeping your POCO alive in a WH. People who live in WH space tend to blow them up.

Vixie, people only blow up POCOs if they intend to settle in a system, they will not randomly bash POCOs in random systems. POCOs are not worth bashing for the sake of bashing, they are only worth bashing if you intend to put up your own. So as long as you put them up in uninhabited systems, the chances of getting them randomly bashed are insanely low.

Anyway, settling in w-space is not as big of a deal as it sounds. There are plenty of empty C2>HS/any static you like, where you can put up a cheap citadel and do your PI. I say C2 specifically because the statics are easy to roll, and you get easy access to hisec if you want that. There are many class/static combos, and different systems have different quality planets.

The prospect of an eviction scares some people, but as long as you keep your setup lean (i.e. you don’t pile tens of billions in the wormhole), an eviction is going to be more damaging to the attacker (a waste of time) than to you. A basic structure with a core and some fitting costs no more than 2.5 billion (less if you’re stingy), and the fuel upkeep for just running a clonebay is very affordable.

Depending on your PI setup, you could make this back in a few weeks or months, and even quicker if you indulge in other krabbing activities (datas/relics, sleeper sites etc). If you pool your ISK together with at least one more person, almost every player can afford this.


There are plenty of empty ones yeah but that can change in a hurry. Trouble with WH is that they are too darn unpredictable. Some WH corp can come along and evict you. If you don’t plan to grab billions out of it it’s hardly worth the trouble isn’t it. and there are peeps who will blow your stuff up just for the hell of it.
But hey, if you can make it work, why the heck not just go for it, it’s only isk right.

Totally doable. I operated out of a Wormlife freeport for many months. I left a scanner in the hole and was running PI on 6 toons in the hole. Ended up with an Epithal in every market hub. I’d scan the exit every day and if it was within 5 jumps of a market I would flly interceptors from my HS base to that market and go get my PI. Only lost 1 Epithal in there.

it’s very doable, however like anything in J_Space, it’s a lot easier with friends around.
the main issue you’ll have in J-Space is the local availability of resources will dictate what you can produce and, hence, what will be profitable. importing stuff into WHs to keep a chain going is gonna be a PITA.
the other problem is exporting stuff safely to hisec. i had a C4 with ‘perfect PI’ and made nanite repair paste in there as it squooshed down in size very nicely making for excellent isk/m^3.

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