WH solo living mostly for the PI


I had a plan pop in my head and I want to get some feed back on it. My schedule and RL commitments make it really difficult to be a reliable part of a WH corp, let alone manage/fuel a structure in a WH. My plan it to find a vacant C3 and move the 3 chars I have in this account into it.

I believe I got most of the details worked out, BUT I don’t know how much volume I will be generating every 24h. So, to simplify lets say I set up the PI structure to produce robotics (or any single planet P3) how much volume will I generate in 24h?

I plan to be living out of my ships, so when the epithal’s cargo is full I will need to take it to K space.

Thanks in advance!

A single P3 factory can produce 3 units per hour, each 6 m3. So you can produce 432 m3 per factory per day, assuming you can feed all the input. On a single planet, I don’t see any setup able to fulfill this.

If you want more details, you will have to share more on your setup. Or use some tools like these two:

Thanks for the info.

I guess a better question would be how much raw mats will I be getting/extractor head? I know that there is no clear cut answer, so let me resort to personal experiences.

Has anyone ever tried this before? living out of ships with a few mobile depot across the system.

More to the point, to people that do have P3s coming out of a single planet, how much m3 do u get in a 24h out of each PLANET?


Yes it can work. The part that will take the longest is getting your materials to a trade hub. Once in WH space you will have to scan for New WHs probably everyday, with no idea where they will exit you till you try. This can be time consuming, then you may have 20+ jumps to a trade hub.

As far as how much you get out of each planet, and how to set it up. I suggest just play around with different amount of extractors till you find the right balance for your specific skills, desired product, and your time.

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There is a much better way to do PI in a WH. Contact Wormlife (they have a discord). They have a number of low-class wormholes that they already have structures setup in. They will be happy to let you move into one of their freeports and run your PI with their reasonable POCO taxes.

This will greatly reduce the amount of work you have to put into PI and make it easy to take advantage of other WH activities.

P.S. There are other small WH corps that may take you in as well.


I have 3 characters doing PI and I haul one epithal full of P3s every 1 week to 10 days.
Remember you can use the POCOs as storage too (only each character will be able to get the materials left there).

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Planetary Interaction can be done the way you have in mind. Keep in mind that you will spend most time scanning and hauling what you produce. Resetting the extractors and in-system logistics are not as time consuming.

I would suggest an Astrahus or Raitaru as semi-disposable structure. Surely you would not be able to defend the structure against any comitted invaders, but the added quality of life provided is worth the risk in my opinion.

This information can easily be obtained through evegadgets.com. Since you should have experience with planetary interaction beforehand you should not have any troubles using this tool and knowing exactly how much volume you are able to produce.

A setup of three characters should net around 5200 m³ robotics combined daily. Though this requires better skills or more invested time than the average planetary interaction setup.

Also consider what @Shiloh_Templeton suggests, since both risk and effort are smaller when cooperating with other capsuleers.

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