Any guide how start PI in WH?

(MacGregor Orlenard) #1

I make lot of PI in hi-sec. But resources after week are almost depleted or hard to get. So I think J-Space is better option for t2-t3 production.

Just wonder, how often I will be able to get back to Hi-sec?

Any tips are welcome. In 3 days moving my colonies.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

Guess its depending on how lucky you are finding High Sec sites, sometimes you’ll be lucky, sometimes you’ll be unlucky.

Also, resources do not get spent, they Shift, as you dig from one spot they will start filling up another deposit on the same planet, which means you need to manage your extractors by deleting them and setting them up in another position on the planet.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #3

Thx for that. Anyway, want try J-Space PI because can be more profitable and exciting.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

It definitely is, I only tried out 0.2 systems, and my god does it has a difference! Much more to make the lower the security of a system. The risk is there, but profit to be made if you play it right.

(Ptraci) #5

Depends on your wormhole. I live in a C3 with a nullsec static. I get a direct hi/low sec connection every couple weeks or so but honestly if you WANT to get to HS every day you can keep rolling the static until it ends up in a constellation in nullsec that has an appropriate WH (direct to HS or a C2 with a HS static), and quite often you’ll get a C2 connecting to your WH that has a HS/LS connection.

Wormhole life means scan scan scan, but you get fast after a while. Getting to HS is not really a problem if you actively look for a connection through other WH or static systems. Using cloaky haulers is almost 100% safe once you find your connection, transport ships when you know the route is fairly safe. And with a direct HS connection you can get stuff in and out by the Orca-load.

The only problem with J-space is running into another WH corp that wants to make you suffer. Learn to control the entrances to your WH and you’re golden.

(Lulu Lunette) #6

Live in a wormhole with a high sec static and you’re golden :relaxed:

(Cngaar Aya) #7

My alliance (Wormlife) operates a network of freeports in various low-class holes in wormhole space, meaning a dockable Astrahus or Raitaru in each system where we control the POCOs and have them set to 3% tax.

If you’re interested in getting into one of them, feel free to ping me and I can get you set up.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #8

Don’t have omega atm but will mail you in game if offer will be active.

(Cngaar Aya) #9

Yep, go ahead and in-game mail me. Tried to mail you but name bounced.

(Ptraci) #10

Has it occurred to you that this can be an astoundingly bad idea? What’s stopping a corp that wants to evict you from building up their forces at your structure until they have an overwhelming fleet, and then simply undocking when you’re vulnerable and attacking your structure - with the ability to rep if they need to as well just by unlocking it and waiting for their timer to cool down!

Oh well to each their own. I’d be nervous every vulnerability cycle.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #11

Having visited one of these Freeport, why take it over? It’s free. Stick a probe ship and the gall industrial in it. Male your pi, ship out weekly, and you will do well.

But if someone wants to gank it… Well… It would cause a lot of time and effort for very little benefit. The POCO tax is nice but trust me, it would take a lot of users to break the 120 mil isk cost and start turning a profit. Plus you would have to spend isk to provide a safe haven to get customers. And well… If you find a game preserve, is it better to scorch it to the ground and build your own, or simple hunt the game? I say the latter which is the case here.

(Cngaar Aya) #12

Our freeports aren’t our core alliance system structures, and Astrahus are astoundingly cheap, particularly when you’re sucking vast amounts of PI from one’s regular alliance wormhole systems.

On the plus side, if someone attacks a freeport, it gives us almost guaranteed content and practice. If we happen to lose it, no big deal, we just drop another one.

The reality of wormhole space is that unless someone wants a particular system or the structure is actively onlining, it’s just not worth the time and effort to take down a M-sized structure.

Most of wormhole space is not actively occupied. Our network gives small corps and individual players an opportunity to try out wormhole space with little start-up cost. We get a little tax revenue. The need to occasionally replace a structure is factored into the business model already. More people in wormhole space means more potential content for everyone. Win-win.

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