Drawbacks of doing PI in lowsec?

I’ve been looking into setting up my PI in lowsec.

I notice the tax rate is way lower. The planets seem to give higher yields.

I’ve also noticed that some systems, especially 0.1 and 0.2 systems hardly have any traffic, so I don’t worry too much about getting ganked out there if I’m careful.

I’m thinking I’ll convert the output into implants, and then smuggle them back into highsec in a small stealthy frigate.

Are there any other concerns, aside from getting ganked?

My only concerns…PI is auch a pain you do Not want to redo it often…so why Not looking for nullsec or wormhole.
Never was to a wormhole but there are some with Highsec static…

I just smuggle mass quantity type stuff through losec in a mwd+cloak orca. Or a t1 Iteron variation for whatever it is. Screw 11B jumpfreighters that I’d loose to a disconnect or something stupid but I digress…

Sounds like you’re new to losec with all the convert and smuggle stuff, just jump right in you’ll do fine, running around doing pi and dying/not dying will learn you some competency that will apply to all kinds of other stuff.

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Just set something up in a system with low tax and a low requirement for traveling to the planets. Set these up as secondary account alts and you’re golden.

Use map tools to figure out the geography, fit the proper number of stabs. Have inertia skills trained. Lowsec honestly isn’t that rough n tumble unless you sit your ass down in a system that’s a choke on a primary route to or from a major trade hub.

PI isn’t a pain once it’s set-up - just log on every few days to reap your harvest and restart the extraction.

Absolutely correct.

From my experience, you can even make friends from the locals. If they are nice they won’t shoot your epithal the moment you screw that MWD cloak.
And the next day they shoot you and your pod, just because :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how I became a low sec pirate.

After dodging them a lot, sometimes just being faster than they were, other times loading my epi with stabs. We came to an agreement and I joined up lol.

The biggest problem with Pi low sec is getting dunked.

You … by yourself will likely NOT know there is a dunker active.

They constantly change alts to spot for them and so what seems like little traffic might mean an easy kill for them.

And there is NO MWD Cloak or escape from a dunk…

If you’re shipping in one epi…you’re probably not shipping much to care or be noticed.

But if you start moving 100m+ it will be a problem.

This is a good way to make about 2m isk a day per planet.

Maybe 4m if you put in extra hour of work.

Really not worth it.

What other concerns are there BUT getting ganked?

Isnt this the only concern of the game.

When you operate in someone’s back yard they learn when you’re on. You learn when they are on.

You start to become routine. And things become harder. They know your locations and book mark them.

They know how to follow you and jump faster than you.

Forcing you to add safe points.

Forcing extra steps.

Becomes tedious after a while. But is more fun than ordinary…and more lucrative

I’m not greedy - my 3 PI alts make 1.5 to 2 billion a month from working less than an hour a day plus a trip to Jita every fortnight, the rest of the time I do something else (e.g. null-sec PvP paid for by the aforementioned PI)…

Yes. Goals is the most important part of any project. For me EVE is a challenge to make isk. That is my goal, maximizing isk per day with minimal effort or impact to my daily life.

Different goals.

The Pi market, I think, is horribly inefficient because everyone does it very “lazily” thinking that is also very “passive”.

The production chain at p3 and p4 is very starved by such “lazy” p0->P2 producers.

The problem for me was there was never going to be enough isk to work out a true, efficient, AND LAZY method of P0->P2 to improve this starved production line.

But now I do have incentive to figure it out so I think I will bite the bullet, tear down my unused p3 and p4 factories, and create a stronger p0->p2 production method to share.

It has do with changing how people think of their colony construction. Taking advantage of breaking down and rebuilding silos and other simple tricks to really squeeze the turnip.

I’ll let you know…

For me it’s a means to an end, for you it’s the end itself…

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Well it was…now it just doesnt appeal to me any more. I learned tricks to harvest massive isk from Pi but eh.

Now I have launched my experiment in maxing p0->p2 product from low sec planets but…already it’s seemingly not going to be good enough.

the return of alistair…
this forum is about to resume being fun

My reputation succeeds me

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The fact my Post’s irony went over your bald head says everything about you and nothing about me

That was Irony ??

Quite. And in the literal sense

I’m afraid irony is in the eye of the beholder…