Cutting losses in lowsec PI?

To preface: I’m in my fourth month of playing, so I figured this would be an alright place to post this.

So I’ve been doing PI in G-0Q86, one jump out of Zarzakh in Curse. This has been great until a few days ago when an alliance came in and blew everything up. There are no more customs offices and the traffic in local is way busier than it has been since the Havoc expansion launched, consistently hovering around 150+.

I’ve got about 200 million ISK in material I can’t get off the planets now and I have no idea when new customs offices will go up. Do I cut my losses and move my PI? Or do I wait and see if customs offices get put up in the next week? I’ve probably got storage for a few more 24 hour cycles of production left on the planets until they’re full.


Drop your own customs office

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Isn’t that super risky? 100+ million to get blown up?

I’m willing to try, but I’m new enough that spending 500-600 million for customs offices on five planets makes me hella nervous.

Start with one,see how it turns out if you set reasonable taxes.

Build the second out of the ISK earned with number one…

If you only have 24 hr worth left for storage, first of all, cut your supply lines to the plants.

Then maybe you can wait out for a while to see if new poco’s will get installed by the occupiers (I am in that alliance and I have no idea). It’s probably best to start with new planets in another region, as you will always run the risk of getting attacked by anyone as a neutral.

You can get small amounts off at a time via the command center and doing a launch from there. It’s tedious and in a system that busy and volatile it’s always going to be dangerous even if you use a cloaked ship.

The worst thing you could do is to try and drop your own POCO in G-O - that I do know. It’ll be an expensive loss.

P.S. G-0 isn’t lowsec, it’s npc nullsec.


One thing I’ve read is that Interbus puts up customs offices after a certain time period, but I couldn’t find any information on a rough estimate for that time or if they do that in nullsec. All I know is that the previous customs offices were owned by Angel Cartel (NPCs I’m assuming? 0% tax), and I can’t find any information on if they put up customs offices like Interbus.

Hoping that they do, then I’ll just grab my stuff and set up somewhere else.

Consider this: even if INIT. puts up new POCO’s, it’s not even certain you will get access - permissions may be limited to alliance members.

Your choice of course. But anyone and anything not blue will be a target for pewpew, for both sides (INIT./Imperium and FRT/PH/NC.). Not a good idea to hang around, certainly not for PI stuff…

Yea, I didn’t think NPC nullsec could be taken over by players like this, I thought it was different then sov. The npc presence almost seems to be meaningless - there are a few units at the gates and that’s about it as far as I can tell. Even after reading the wiki I don’t really understand what the difference between npc and player sov is.

Heavy limitations on what you can put in npc sov systems (no system upgrades).
Perpetual presence of indestructible npc stations, meaning enemies can sneak in “stuff” to use against you.

This would be my recommendation if you insist in getting out some value out.

It’s not without danger, and a bit of a hassle and takes long, but via the command center you can export items from the planet at a set 15% tax rate.

As the amount the command center can launch in space is very limited, but the cooldown is very low, it may help to upgrade your links from storage to the command center to increase how often you can do an expedited transfer of goods to the command center. You could even set up additional storages next to it (with upgraded links) and split the goods you have on the planet with more expedited transfers to those storages to bypass the minimum expedited transfer timer of one storage, so you can send goods to the command center as fast as it allows launches if you want to optimise this process.


Ah, thanks. That makes sense.

I tried moving some material off planet with the command center but it was unbelievably tedius. The amount is just way too small, it would take more time than it is worth.

I’m going to wait it out a bit and see what happens. Someone, at some point, is going to put up a POCO. I would imagine that there are a lot more people than just me using that system for PI.

Good luck on your venture!

Brave of you to endeavor into dangerous space so soon, hope it pays off.

I’ve heard Pochven has the best PI, though imagine it has the same issues you are coming across in NPC nullsec.

Try scouting out wh’s you would be very surprised how little ppl are actually in there.

Well, I think I’ll be moving my PI to low sec for now. I just checked the system to see if anything had changed and it had almost 900 people in it! Looks like Fraternity is taking over and it will most likely be way too dangerous to even move around there.

I might check out wormholes, I’ve done quite a bit of exploring and some gas huffing in them, but I’ve realized that I’m still way too new for nullsec. I simply don’t know enough about how things work in it.

Thanks for all the help.