Customs office disappeared

Hi all,

I have PI on a temperate planet in the Nalu VIII system - I used to warp to the nearby customs office to transfer the goods from my other planets. today that customs office I gone. When I went to the planet to see if I could get stuff up from my launch pad I got the message that there was no “friendly” customs office. nearby???
What the heck?? now what do I do, what does this mean?? I can do a launch from the command centre to get what I have on the planet but - yeah will need to relocate my production - right?? help???
many thanks in advance Taurwen.

Consider building your own, or contact your local cartel for use of their rebuild.

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Yeah, it was probably destroyed by someone looking to put up their own. They may or may not have better tax rates than the previous poco owner. You can also launch your stuff directly into space through the command center and then scoop it, but I think that the amount you can launch is quite limited. It’s been quite a while, so I can’t remember all the details.

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Hi Shipwreck_jones,
yup I noticed a “customs (cant recall theme) gantry?” so guess someone is building their own, I will do a series of launches from the command centre and source a new planet … but thanks for the info… :+1:

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Hi Snowflake -might look into that - or find another planet… thank you :+1:

Right now the owner of the gantries is afraid of upgrading them into pocos. As he realized that we will destroy the pocos and take them back.

We watched him destroy and then drop 300 odd gantries. He upgraded 90 to pocos in Gallente space and lost them all in 2 days. So we have him running every now and then un-anchoring and anchoring the gantries into another corp. Speaking of which… time to have him run around a bit.

For as long as that happens there will be no pocos at many of the planets around amarr space. And also note, if you do drop pocos, they will be taken back.

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Hi Kane,

aha -thank you for that info. It is in high sec so I am surprised concord did not react?? - or maybe they did - but then I am not clear on how things work - or who owned the customs office in Nalu VIII. So I will find another planet and continue there.
many thanks

So the minute you have a structure you are wardeccable. This allows corp to wardec others in order to shoot them or remove structures. Concord will not help you in a war.

However CCP (@CCP_Aurora please help us, your our only hope) has not updated the mechanics to fit in with the current structure mechanics so by not upgrading the gantries he is able unachoring them immediately and move them to a new corp nullifying our ability to retake the planets. So we cannot take them back or destroy them to retake our pocos across amarr space. So instead we have him running around unachoring and achoring everyday. :slight_smile:

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It’s been like that since they introduced player owned customs offices.

The same mechanic applies to POS structures and other anchored deployables.


looking for these?


Complaining to @CCP_Aurora about updating the game mechanic, that’s a bit pathetic isn’t it?

I thought Blackflag were the in-game pirates, not CCP’s gimps…

Well Gantries were not updated along with the deployment of citadels. So you can drop and remove them without ever risking them. Meaning you can never ever take them back. The un-anchoring process is immediate so the war drops, you create a new alpha and corp and put it there, rinse repeat.

Don’t comment when you don’t understand how a mechanics works.

So instead of going after the gantries… we patiently wait and see what corp they are given to and the minute they become pocos they will be destroyed.

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