Planet Interaction Customs Office ? where did it go?

Stupid Question…

Went to my planet, and the customs office was gone and well ??

Is someone in the process of anchoring another Customs Office??

“Planetary Infrastructure / Orbital Infrastructure/Customs Office Gantry”
[ A rigid scaffold equipped with stabilizing thrusters and microgravity fabrication facilities, this gantry is designed for the erection of large, stationary structures in the orbit of planetary bodies. This model provides the skeleton for an orbital Customs Office.
Note: In an effort to reduce waste, the gantry will be consumed during construction and its materials will be incorporated into the new structure.]

Check zkill to see of anyone has blown up a poco in that system recently.

oh oh daaa
did not think of that

thank you

Jun 30 th

they took out 4 of the customs offices, so do they have to Anchor another customs office??


Doc Per will not anchor more in fear of loosing them. He lost 90 pocos in 2 days the last time he tried.

He keep dropping Gantries now. So now we just watch, whoever spins up a poco will loose them.

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for the info
I guess i move my Planet PI then

I totally forgot about the Command Center, it can launch 500m3
Then wait 25 minutes for the next launch etc etc
after 10 years forgot about that function, work around, takes a little longer

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