Some planets don't have a customs office

I noticed that some planets, like Mamenkhanar I, don’t have customs offices, instead having a gantry. What’s going on here?

probably if its a player dropped gantry, that just haven’t upgraded to a poco yet…

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The description says that it’s owned by DED.

you mean interbus?
If a planet has no customs office on it, an Interbus-owned customs office will eventually be placed on it. These customs offices do not enter reinforcement so they can be destroyed in single attack.

i cannot find anything that says DED owns customs offices… EVE wiki states that if its not a player, its interbus


Ah, ok, it must be Interbus then.

Nope, it doesn’t have to be interbus or another NPC corp. A while ago (mid 2021) there was an initiative to kill off all Pocos from Omega and Friends Medialabs. After that, other groups that wanted to deny them or other people access to these planets dropped the gantries and never upgraded them, intentionally. That’s a wide spread thing in Domain and other regions. You have to destroy these gantries and place your own gantry and upgrade it to have a Poco again.

If the gantry is really owned by DED or SCC, you should be able to destroy it without a war dec. However, if it’s owned by a player group (like the gantries in a system I frequent regularly), you have to declare war against this group first.


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