Planetary Interaction Customs Offices

I’ve been doing planetary interactions for a few weeks now and I’m ready to establish a customs office. My question,I know I start with the Gantry first and then use the 4 pi commodities to upgrade to the office. Does this all have to be done at the same time? Do I have to deploy the gantry and do the upgrade together? I have all the materials just not a ship large enough to carry the whole cargo,around 11,000m3 total cargo space needed. Thanks for any info.

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Never done it. But eve uni wiki suggests it’s a two stage thing. So i think you can drop the gantry and then get the rest of the materials.

I don’t know what the mechanics for someone stealing your gantry whilst you’re away though. So be careful.

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Just wait 5 years and CCP will update it with a new easy to use Upwell structure.


And there in lies one of the problems. These dang gantry’s are not inexpensive,just to have it not be there when I returned… I’m thinking I’m gonna I might try a contract for a carries or a guardian…Thanks for the reply.

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Haha, you may be on to something with that idea…

The gantry can’t be stolen, unless someone happens to be sitting there with lightning reflexes.

The process is:

  1. Deploy the gantry
  2. Anchor the gantry (at this point it is no longer scoopable)
  3. Deposit the remaining materials into the gantry.

inb4 wardec though :smiling_imp:


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Great, thank you.

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