Will you 'blue me' in your wh?

I would like the opportunity to set up PI shop in a good PI wormhole. If you’re willing to take pity on me I’d ask for blue standings for my corp of alts so I could dock in one of your structures with my PI alts and run your pocos. I’d rather not pay taxes but I will to contribute to upkeep etc. I can’t offer much in return in the beginning but if you give me a spot to set up maybe I can build fuel blocks for your structures or something.

If you’re feeling in the mood to blue an old timer who just wants to do some casual PI please eve-mail me [or otherwise leave instructions on how to reach you].

WH folks are well know for their open arms and hospitality. This will end very well I’m sure.

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I get the request to be blue to someone but to expect it for free is a bit of a liberty. You say that you are open to contribute to upkeep… then surely that would be through the taxes you pay, Should someone take you up on your offer you will already be getting prime PI without having to shell out for any of the infrastructure.

The most likely option for you would be to contact Wormlife. They run a bunch of freeports in low class holes.

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