PI WH System with HiSec static offering docking and planetary access

(Bex) #1

I’m on an Alpha clone hiatus for the time being and am therefore not utilizing the excellent PI in my home system. I’m offering any individuals or corporations out there docking access and low tax PI should they so desire. All other income/PvP opportunities are yours to plunder also.

I have only one tenant so far and will be capping the total tenants to no more than 6 to prevent over saturation.

The system is J151141

Eve mail me if you’re interested in moving in some toons or alts.

(Anderson Geten) #2

What tax do you put on it ?

(Bex) #3


For that you have access to a fuelled Astra with clone bay and industry facilities.

(marie blueprint) #5

how often is there an exit to hi sec? are you moon mining as well?