LF Corp - PI Focussed (90 planets available for production)

Hello all,

So I am pretty much looking for a corporation that is focused on making ISK preferably through PI. I have 18 characters( 90 planets) that can be used to generate isk. I just like starring at green isk ticks. If my accounts can help us both make more ISK let me know. I do work during the week and my TZ is US-CST. For pvp wise, honestly I dont do much of it or at all due to work during the week.

Custom office tax rates in highsec suck, or else I would sit in highsec with factory planets. So if you need me or not that’s fine. Send me a mail ingame or here, wont be on for another couple hours.

Reason left old corp: To join my friends corp in highsec then decides to quit eve…

-90 planets ready for PI
-Uses Discord
-Can field 6 miners
-Quiet friendly person for the most part

-Works in RL
-Dont really like pvp
-You may hear a cat through headset

We may be able to help ya were a casual corp we have a system that u can make all p4’s in null sec if interested join our pub channel: no names plz

o7 broski,

Check out WEF and hit up Gideon Golgothus in game if you want to talk or you can join our discord for chat. We have SOV space in Etherium Reach, offer corp buyback of PI, ore, and salvage, and offer a lot of protection and access to some great markets. PVP is not required, but we’re always happy to get an extra pilot to help police the space. Anyway, check us out. We’re laid back and RL oriented.

Feel Free to contact us we might fit what you are looking for :slight_smile:
Come chat in our public channel: IMEVO Pub

Hey. Message me in-game. I have a proposal for you.

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