Returning Semi-Veteran (92M SP) Industrialist Seeking a New Home

Hi everybody.

After being solo for a while I’ve realized I need some people around me to keep things interesting. My hope is that I can find a corporation with the right cultural fit, including positive attitudes, goal-orientation, activity level, and humor.

I love building things. Building things efficiently, and making ISK doing so, is even better. Making ISK by building things efficiently with the mutual guidance, support, and company of people you enjoy being around is the best.

I believe I’m searching for an established group that knows the ins and outs of industry and markets. The methodology I’ve followed in the past has worked fine for me, but I find it to be cumbersome, with a fair amount of brute-force involved. What I’d like to learn is the finesse side of things. Maybe I can work smarter instead of harder. Spending most of my career in Caldari high-sec has taught me some extremely valuable lessons, but quieter space with a change of scenery (while still within high-sec I think) is important to me.

“RL First” Mindset, 15 - 20 Hours/week, primarily late-night USTZ (around 4:00-7:00 EVE Time)

92 Million Skill Points

Decent Trade, Production (Advanced/Capital Ship), Science, and Planet Management skills, some Mining skills

Caldari Sub-Capital focused with a willingness to branch out if necessary

  • Security Missions (Cerberus / Golem)
  • Transport (Crane / Bustard / Charon, Rhea capable)
  • Exploration (Buzzard with T2 equipment)
  • ORE Industrials (Exhumers, Orca / Bowhead capable)

What I’m seeking in a corporation:

  • Community, first and foremost
  • Voice communication
  • Willingness to teach, learn, and support
  • Desire to make each other laugh
  • Focus on specific goals (whatever they may be)
  • Spreadsheet wizardry is a plus
  • PvP survivability training is another plus

If you feel like I’d be the right fit for your group, where the thought ‘This is who we need!’ enters your mind, then send me an EVE Mail. We’ll talk more about it.

I appreciate your time. Thanks for reading.

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Try Malevelon Roe Industries … I think these guys will be exactly what you’re looking for.

They’re a good group and run by some well respected Eve community streamers, Ashterothi and PocketsDK.

So are you a pretty self-sufficient industrialist/trader? If so, got a discord ID?

Come by for a chat sometime…Think you’d enjoy hanging with us at 5th Fleet!

Helo Comred we search u :slight_smile:
Sensation Seekers [0.0 pvp] @ momet we are mooving to our new home so sry for low aktivity on killbord @ moment :
we are all veterans in here.
if u are interested or will have more informations, u are welcome to contakt us in

Mfg Sensation Seekers

Hi John,

Sent you an in game mail.

Hope to hear from you soon

I know its not exactly what your looking for but do give us a look!

Hey man, sounds like we might a solid group for you to join. We are IRL comes first with all indy backgrounds. Live in an awesome high sec island with a ton of moons and access to PI/PP. Check us out!

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