Join Enceladus Syndicate! [ENSYN] - Structure Bash, Mine, PvP and more

The Enceladus Syndicate is an all adult corporation who takes an IRL-comes-first approach to playing and enjoying Eve at a high level. Our command staff is made up of long time FCs and former alliance leaders who have taken a more laid back approach to Eve but while still playing at a high level.

We are currently looking for pilots who feel like they might fit our corp culture. We participate in nearly every aspect of the game and are very much newbie/newbro friendly and have great teachers and Alpha friendly doctrines. We have a large indy and PvP focus, with many moons, access to PI/PP, as well as regular roams and structure bashing in all areas of space, from high-sec to null. We have easy ways of making isk and full ship replacement programs.

We do not require any time commitments. All we ask in when you play, you hop on comms and hang out the corp and participate in what’s going on. This play style is only possible with the help of everyone together, so it’s critical you are part of a group you actually want to hang out and talk with.

Please feel free to join our recruitment discord and chat with us!

Still hunting more guns to join in

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