Enceladus Syndicate is looking for indy and PVP pilots! [Late USTZ, Lowsec]

The Enceladus Syndicate is an all adult, NBSI lowsec industrial pirate corporation. ENSYN is a group of highly skilled players who focus on both PvP and large scale industry projects. We are a group of serious players, but with an IRL come first focus.

We are looking for PvPers and industry pilots looking to learn or better their PvP skills. We are very active on comms, so discord and TS3 is required for all pilots. We have a ton of fun and have plenty of content. We participate in everything from roams, structure bashing, blops and many fun large fleets with our alliance and coalition. We also have many opportunities for leadership as well!

We are part of the Vastly Outnumbered alliance, and play a key role in running it. If you’re interested in taking your Eve career to the next level, feel free to EveMail Kilo Ten Whiskey in game!

Some other stuff we provide:

100% Jita buy price buyback of Ice, Ore, Salvage and PI

1% tax PI

High Sec & Lowsec moon mining

Fleet doctrine and mining doctrine Ship Replacement Program

FC Training programs

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