5th Fleet seeking miners/indies

5th Fleet is looking to bolster our ranks with new and old Miners and Industrialists. We’d love for you to join us as we grow together!

Our Long-term goal is to claim a part of this universe and call it our own. Our immediate focus is on HiSec mining and expanding our corporation. We have just completed our goal of establishing our own Refinery and Lab bases.

Programs we offer include:

Ore Buyback
Orca Boosts
Discord Channel
Fleet Doctrine Fits
Access to trade hub and LowSec within a few jumps
Fleets for Moon and Ice Mining

Ships for Newbros

We are a ‘RL first’ corp looking for players who want to help grow a great community!

If any of these interests you, please contact our recruiters, or join our public channel 5th Fleet Recruiting and speak with one of our recruiters in channel today!

If you like to make ice cubes, we want to talk to you!

Ice miners needed today! Swing by our pub channel at 5th Fleet Recruiting next time you are in game

I would like to help you and your corp building your long term goal i have done it a few times before and i hope this project and corp will last longer then my previous ones
Im willing to join and do whatever it takes to help to get our own space you have a discord server by any chance ?

Would love to hear from you Joseph!

Already had a few new recruits this week! 5th Fleet is your chance to get in on the ground floor and make a difference in corp that is looking to grow!

If you like to break rocks and then build stuff out of the broken rocks, and then maybe break the stuff you built, you should join us in 5th Fleet!

Swing by 5th Fleet Recruiting for a chat today!

Rock poppin fleet about to get started!!

We are a group of mature, chill Indy/miners and we’re looking to grow…Swing by 5th Fleet Recruiting for a chat

That ice won’t mine itself y’all!

If you are interested in starting out with a small group and helping us grow, we want to talk to you!

You sound interesting… I just logged in today after a four month layoff due to illness and brokeness and found myself retrieving twenty billion worth of junk out of asset safety. Corp got wasted while I was out… Mind telling me what part of the hi-sec universe you might be located in, please?

Mate, just read your post and you sound well suited to our group!
We are in Ammatar space not too far from Rens. Not sure what tz you are in, but stop bt our recruitment channel when you are on.
I plan to be on straight after downtime tonight.

Don’t just be another number…Help us build this corp from the ground up!

Hi, I’ve just started today, looking for a newbie friendly mining corp

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