Hog Hitmen - Structure Bashing, Hunting Targets, and PvP Training

When you look for a corp you usually look for a few things:

  • JF Logistics
  • Citadel Services
  • Fleet Training
  • SRP on fleet ops
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Member Growth

We offer all of that + more fun content, including:

Structure Bashes
Fleet Fights
Hunting Style PvP
Group Intel
Access to Industry and Mining
and access to Factional Warfare

If you have gotten this far you should read what we require
Teamspeak 3 and Discord
Willingness to participate in CTA’s
Willingness to explore more of the collective
Able to follow the three rules

If you are excited about this and want to hear more or ask questions, please

Mail Tyrat Vanchal, Jason Hammersmith, or join Airhogs in-game.

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I approve this message

Had fun today, you should join us for tomorrow’s content!

Join Airhogs In game and ask about Hog Hitmen!

Still recruiting for High-Sec Merc Work. Join Airhogs in game or contact Tyrat Vanchal/Jason Hammersmith.

Join for fun!

We are still looking for line members, and Fleet Commanders. No SP required, training provided. What more do we need to say?

a chance to fly with me!

Still waiting to see you on the field with us. No requirements to join. Feel free to contact us in-game for more info or questions about our organization!

Big Day today, Lots Killed by our members! Learn how to join by frequenting the Airhogs Channel in-game!

Tried contacting someone on the Airhogs public channel but no one answered my request on recruitment. Sent an evemail to you as well. Im assuming you have all you need?

No a recruiter probably hasn’t been on, I’ll be able to process your app tommorow. Thanks for showing interest

Sounds good. Applied in game.

Still recruiting. Join Airhogs channel in game

HAPPY HOG-O-WEEN everyone!

We are having a special week with a special Guest, Please watch us hunt starting tomorrow on

Over 160 Active war decs, Plenty of content, Plenty of ways to get isk this week with 100% Drops.

Join Hog Hitmen!

P.S. If you would like to sponsor a war on someone else, please send 500million isk to the corp wallet of HC - Hog Hitmen with the corp/alliance that you want to be decked in the description.

P.P.S. If you are blue to us and we war decked you, know that we are sorry and that you simply need to contact us ;p (It’s an exciting week for us)

P.P.P.S If you send us isk and they are not able to be decked, thank you in advance for the donation




I approve this message


We mostly in low sec now but will swing by for a fight.

Happy hunting!

This is going to be fun! Let’s GO!

Still recruiting willing to answer mails, please don’t apply to the Corp. Join the “airhogs” channel ingame for the fastest way to get to your new home!

We are open to questions in the Airhogs Channel