Hog Hitmen Recruiting New & Old PVP Players & Corporations

Hog Hitmen is looking for dedicated pvpers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty

Requirements for individual Pilots

  1. A Guardian pilot + a Dps Pilot on separate account + a Scout Toon on a separate account

  2. Pilots keen to represent the merc life. There are hunting contracts that need your focus. Citadel contract that require you to join fleets.

  3. Community and team work focused, people who will log in, join the fleet and get involved in the team.

  4. We want pilots who are willing to learn.

If you do not meet these requirements speak to a recruitment officer for a plan on how we can help you!

If interested in joining mail Tyrat Vanchal or Deimos Barret or join the channel “HH Pubchan” in-game

If you are a corporation looking to join! Please Mail Tyrat Vanchal

Recruitment it still open!

Send Tyrat Vanchal a mail for more info.

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