Freelancerx seeking combat pilots for wars, exploration, and fun

Thank you for your interest in FRX,

TL/DR: Combat Pilots needed, PVP, explosions, PVE, fun, content options, and good friends.

We are currently seeking pilots who want war. Our brand of war is structure bashes in wormholes or in high-sec. The reason is that this forces a fight. A war for no rhyme or reason is often a ridiculous ISK and time sink. If you kill structures…your war fees get paid, the enemy has to come out and give you content, and sometimes we are able to get them into our monthly corp protection plan which funds our SRP(ship replacement plan). The more pilots we have, the more we can throw our weight around. War is constant in this corporation, however we do have a sister corporation you can utilize to get away from all that if you need a break!

We also seek more lucrative PVE. Wormhole raids(PVE or PVP…wormhole structures are loot pinatas!), escalation hunting, or whatever in-game event is going on at the time. Risky Ops are generally SRPed provided you follow the FCs rules and commands.

What we ask of you:

  1. Log in at least once a month and be social when you can.
  2. Be able to participate in voice comms. No mic is fine but you MUST be able to hear us.
  3. Be ready and willing to work as a member of the team
  4. Don’t be a douche
  5. ESI check ( Allow information view access to William Hazel.
  6. An interro-…interview prior to your acceptance. ^_^;
  7. Inform us of any extended absence via eve mail (include expected duration)

What we offer you:

  1. Respect that real life takes precedent. We are led by family men and current/ex military, we get it.
  2. Voice comms via discord.
  3. SRP for corp operations.
  4. Regular opportunities at various combat based content.
  5. Got an indy alt? we got a home for that too…ask us about it.
  6. Structure explosions and tears from those unwilling to fight, pay, or work for protection.
  7. Mature player base that is 20-30 years old on average.

Eve-mail William Hazel at any time (I get eve mails on my phone) or simply reply here to inquire.

William Hazel
Fly Free

Bump for a love of bright blinding explosions!

Still recruiting additional team members. The more we have the more we can do!

Still Recruiting more team members.

Still Recruiting!

Recruiting is still open and we are happy to welcome a few new members this weekend!

Recruitment is still open!

Come in and Join our growing family!

Corp is a friendly environment and steadily growing!

Recruitment into a great team still open!

Hey, I am a very new player and was wondering if I could join.

I’m a new player looking for a decent cops to join to aid me in learning the ropes as iv herd the best way to Learn I’d to join one. So far you’re corps interested me the most. I’m still decided on how I want to play as I have only played about 3 hours maybe and was hope to join a corporation early to aid me in learning how to play the game. If you’re accepting of new players I would honours to join you guys.


I shall be contacting both of you in game. If you are not online I shall send a mail.

Still open for recruiting!

Recruiting is open!

Just popped an athanor today! Pretty explosions(and the loot they drop) always make me happy. Recruiting still open!

Recruitment still open!

Come join this awesome multifaceted team! Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open!

Come join a family and experience new Eden in all its wonder with us!