Steel Fury is recruiting experienced PVP pilots!

(Zarek RedHill) #1

Steel Fury is recruiting experienced pilots looking to bring their Eve to the next level. We have to offer:

  • Strong community

  • A PVP-first mentality, though with good ISK-making opportunities.

  • A no-nonsense style leadership where you are trusted to be a big boy and treated as such.

  • Talk is cheap – check out our killboard or one of our fight videos!

Interested pilots please stop by the Steel Fury in-game channel and inquire within.

(Zarek RedHill) #7

Lots of content – check out yesterday’s fight!,2117&b=7630259&e=150&t=wfzvvzvacq

(Havok starcrusher) #8


(Zarek RedHill) #9


(Zarek RedHill) #10


(James Pruitt) #11

Currently at war with fcon and friends. Dank fights to be had!

If you are interested in joining in on the action swing by our recruitment channel Steel Fury or contact Zarek Redhill or I for more information!

(James Pruitt) #12

Big brawl tonight with the fcon dudes over an important fort anchoring. Very fun fight!

We are still recruiting pilots interested in this kind of warfare :slight_smile:

(Zarek RedHill) #13


(Zarek RedHill) #14