Raised By Wolves Inc is recruiting PvP pilots for explosions in [0.0]!

Our focus is on building combat-capable pilots who are able to have fun PVPing but importantly being a place where you are treated as a member of a community rather than just a number in a fleet. There are great income opportunities in our space to fund your PvP habit and fleets available almost 23/7.

Our alliance has generous ship replacement and cheap capital programmes because we feel that all players should be able to have fun shooting at spaceships without worrying too much about the cost.

Our corp values maturity, patience and intelligence. We want people who will work as a team so that everyone can have fun doing what we enjoy the most (hint: it involves explosions!) so we like you to join in on important ops whenever you can. We’re looking for pilots who want to get stuck in shooting at spaceships when they’re not making ISK.

We are currently recruiting pilots with 25 million SP and 250 kills on zkillboard.

We do need you to be able to speak English fluently, to have Teamspeak and a working microphone and to want to be part of a fantastic supportive community. We also need a full API key for the quick application process.

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The best damn corp in New Eden! Come & get some folks!

Always recruiting, & I see a lot of returning players who we’d be an awesome home for!

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Hey all! Please note the minimum requirements before you apply.

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