[EUTZ/USTZ] The Wolves of War Looking For New Pilots

The Wolves of War is an up and coming industrial and PVE corp looking for pilots of all skill levels and experience.

What we have to offer:

  • Orca boosts.
  • Access to low tax refineries, factories, and research labs.
  • The Wolves of War fleet doctrine.
  • Limited SRP.
  • Helpful advice and assistance for newer players.

Our corp activities include:

  • Regular mining fleets.
  • Mission running.
  • WH sleeper runs.
  • Small gang PVP roams.

Full API Key required.

If you are interested we can be contacted by our public channel Wolves Pub or on our discord https://discord.gg/kV4zAVe

We love to see new faces in our channels and are more than happy to answer questions of new players outside the corp.

Lets all get spacerich!

Fly safe o7

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Still recruiting.

Still recruiting,

Still recruiting.

Friendly bump

Had a good session last night running missions. Still looking for more pilots to fly with and have fun :smiley:

More missions last night and some Wormhole fun too.

Still active

Ran some missions over the weekend, and some explo. Want to come check us out check the OP, jump on Discord for a chat

Did some mining over the weekend and some explo, manage to find about 100mils worth of item drops running high sec annoms :smiley:

Fancy getting involved drop by our discord or pub channel in game.

Still Recruiting

Smashed up someones Cita tonight, was good fun. Come and join in on the action. You can start by heading over to our Discord (scroll up for the link)

Still Recruiting

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still actively recruiting :smiley:

Bump it for the weekend!

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