Raised by Wolves Inc. Null Sec corp now recruiting new blood

Raised by Wolves Inc. (R3MUS) is a friendly corp with a supportive culture that we are very proud of. We are in Darkness alliance and are looking for pilots who have both a love for the game and like to separate pilots from their ships,
We are primarily EUTZ based and are willing to open our doors and embrace those of varying skill levels ranging from both veterans to the new and hungry.
We engage in a wide mix of activities ranging from PVP to PVE and also have a static WH for all your PI needs.
We have a friendly supportive culture and we like to help people develop and gain experience in all matters eve related.
If your interested, have any questions and would like to apply. Please click the below discord link to have a chat with us.

(Any interested applicants will be subject to security checks including waterboarding and a lie detector test)

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Still recruiting, come and have a chat in our discord

Still recruting

still recuriting :smiley:

Join us! We re a cool bunch! \o/

Join now! We even use comfy warm water with raspberry flavor for the waterboarding now!

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Anyone see my car keys around here? Join our amazing corp!

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Come in, meet odd ppl and enjoy the time :slight_smile:

[/zoolander] We like shooting things and learn to do other things well, too.[/zoolander]

Join us on this phantastic journey! :slight_smile:

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But: No problem. I, too, am a bump.

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