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Below is our main recruitment advert, plain and simple though we are looking for pilots interested in PVP. If you are an industry or casual pilot feel free to speak to us. We need your help too in a different way. Feel free to mail me directly as I receive eve mails via the app on my phone. This may elicit a quicker response if I’m not online at the time.

Read below to find out more:

Hello potential recruit,

Thank you in taking an interest in Freelancerx. We’ll keep this simple:

What we offer:
-NA and EU timezone players
-Newbro friendly
-0% tax…Corp makes isk off of ops that bring you content.
-Ship replacement plan(SRP) for corp ops
-Coalition that enables you to explore industry
-Multi-gaming community

What we ask of you:
-Follow corp training recommendations
-Be social with us here and on discord
-Be on at least once a month or notify us of an extended absence via mail to corp leadership
-Be willing to learn and participate



Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open! We like combat pilots!

Hey, I’m an brand newbro aspiring miner looking for a corp. Could I possibly join?

sent you a mail in game. o7

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