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Hello Everyone.

Quick breakdown of my situation. Returning Player with 2 accounts (One a miner about a month away from Rorqual, the other mainly a mission flyer Tengu and Golem) I am bringing a brand new friend with me to experience that which is EvE. Ive been in and out a couple of times, so Im trying for a VERY SPECIFIC situation.
We are looking for a Corp.

  1. Null Sec
  2. Doesnt mind our newness
  3. Is well established (This has been my downfall twice now, corps that dissolve as Im playing)
  4. Is “mature”. I know thats relative, but we both have wives and RL to deal with at times.

So. If we sound like we might be a fit, please drop me a mail in game, or hit me up here.

Alien Xena

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Freelancerx and its ally corps are worth checking out if you don’t mind not living in nullsec. We are well established and mature as you need. Our corps are run by family men and ex military and we have been going strong for about a year now. We do a fair range of pvp, pve, and indy. Newness friendly too! If you’d like to know more I can contact you in game and get into a convo with you on discord!


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Side note that I forgot to include just now. We are mainly USTZ with about 20-30% EUTZ.

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