Freelancerx - Relaxed Content Seekers - Fly Free

Thank you for your interest in FRX, let’s skip the long read and get to the point!

What we can offer you:
-Wormhole raids for PVP
-Non-Wardec eligible
-NA/EU time zones
-Triglavian conduit/Pirate FOB runs
-HS moon mining & solid industry player support
-Test server PVP training during events
-Well managed and moderated discord for voice/text chat
-Local area market with ammo/drones/etc so you don’t always need to go to a trade hub
-New player training if needed
-No ops require attendance, we understand life gets busy and this is just a game
-Freely readable/shareable in-house guides

What we expect from you:
-Act as a member of the team and participate in its development when you can
-Join us on voice chat when you can
-Be willing to read to learn
-Help teach others where you can

Thanks for reading!
William Hazel
Fly Free!

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Looking for a new home for the wife and I.

Do you have a public discord channel available?

I will send you a mail in game to our discord. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Still open for recruiting!

Come join our family and fly with us!

Still seeking team players!

Still Recruiting!

Still looking for more pilots who want a casual team based culture!

We are still looking for more people to fly and have fun with. More people means more fun lol

hi there, all my sfuff is in jita, where can I find you?

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