Freelancer Family Recruiting [Hi-Sec/War/Industry]

Thank you for your interest in the Freelancer Family.

Our mission is to provide you with a wide range of content to suit your needs. Within the family we have a combat focused corp, a multi-role group that does both combat and industry, and a wardec free corporation that is purely for industrial-only players and incursion pilots.

What can we offer you?
-Solid team goals
-Pilot training
-Strong, integrated, and secure discord for communications
-Mining fleets: moon, ice, and wormhole
-PVP fleets and operations if in the appropriate corp (some pvp ops pay)
-SRP program for corp ops
-Alphas Accepted

What do we expect of you?
-Be online at least once a month(or if you can’t but still plan to play eventually check in with us on discord)
-Participate in corp operations to help the team
-Read family updates when they get put out
-Ask questions when you have them
-Sign in via your chosen corps EVE HR

If interested, or simply seeking more information, join our recruitment channel “FRX Recruitment”. You can also send me an eve mail as I can send and receive them from my phone.

You can also join our recruitment discord here.

William Hazel
Freelancer Family Admin
Fly Free!

Come join our family, and enjoy a great group of people looking to have fun!

Recruiting is still active! Come fly with us today!

Come join us! There’s something for everyone! Awesome bunch to fly with.

One of the best groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of flying with. Great, stand-up type of guys. Come check them out!

I love our team here…It’s great flying with folks who realize a game is meant to be fun. We play for fun content and want you to join us!

We are always looking to enlarge our family, come fly with us!

One of the best groups I’ve encountered. Lots of nuggets of wisdom as well as completely chill and relaxed. Having a leader read to you during a long op was a lot of fun.

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Join or else I’ll blow up your Ibis! /s Lots of knowledge and a great family atmosphere!

Cool, laid back easy going group to fly with.
Easy high sec logistics, easy access to low sec and null sec for combat. Regular day trips to WH space.
So whether you are an miner, industrialist or combat pilot you should check us out.

Love my team! Come join the family!

Come join the Family! We always need more people to pew-pew with!

Come join us! We are always happy to see fresh faces.

Come talk with us and ask questions! We have a place for everyone!

Hello, Id love to join your corporation. Im a beginner, so I need some help at first but I`m ready to do my best

We’re still open for recruitment! Come join a great family!

Join our discord and chat with us! Always looking for more people to teach, learn from, and fly with!

This is an interesting corporation. lots going on, plenty of opportunities to fly with others, learn new stuff, and have fun.

Sunlight takes about 8.3 minutes to reach the Earth from the surface of the Sun. A photon starting at the centre of the sun and changing direction every time it encounters a charged particle would take between 10 000 and 170 000 years to get to the surface.

Apparently some members of this corp know space facts that humanity doesn’t care enough about. Come fly with us!