Space-Hogs: a military industrial complex

Space Hogs is recruiting.

Combat Pilots
Industrial Pilots

We fight for and mine low and nullsec moons, earning members a lot of ISK along the way.

Regular PvP fleets: warfare, roams, ganks, and camps. No experience or elitism required.

Regular mining fleets: Earn starts at 75m ISK/hour and goes well over 200m ISK/hour. We get fat stacks.

A good sense of humour comes standard. We strive to do challenging things, this isn’t a place for someone looking for a place to Krab and can’t handle getting wrecked now and then.

IGC: The Boar’s Head Public House


Great group of pilots!!


Last night we pushed our hulks up to 450m ISK/ hour. That is a 150m ISK tick. Per Hulk. Flex.

You want to PvP more and grind less? Get in, son.

Hi, im looking for a nice mining corp. I lov to mine. hope to here from you soon. :smiley:

We are a PvP corp with an Industrial core. So if you are looking to spend your days mining, we aren’t a good fit. If you are looking to PvP and mine once a week, or if you are looking to build the corp industry, run logistics, manage structures, and flex economic might (and PvP on the side and Strat-Ops) – then we have a place for you.

before i stopped playing for awhile, I was in a null-sec corp that was pvp/mining/industry. I did mining and industry for them and some pvp. i like pvp, just need more understanding how to fit ships for it better.

Thank you for responding.

oh! im in game today also.

Join our IGC: The Boar’s Head Public House

I might not be on much today, but some of our guys can chat you up there and answer/ask questions.

Also, join the Discord.

Low and Null PvP. Small Gang, Big Feels.

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