Combat Industrialists wanted, New Player Friendly

Space-Hogs [o7nk] is seeking pilots.

PvP focus, with an emphasis on learning and players new to pvp.
Mining Fleets for income: 75- 100m isk/hour or more in a social activity.
Relaxed players – mostly over 35, we have too many real life issues to stress a game.

Massive opportunity for ambitious players:
-Fleet Command
-Industrial Barron
-Recon Pilot
-Transport and Marketing
-Corp Entertainer and Social Coordinator

If you have an EvE dream, we can provide the space and support you need to chase it. Team work makes the dream work.

Join our public channel: The Boar’s Head Public House
Join our Discord:

Come mine rocks and hulls. We don’t flex, we just do.

Mine Pew Pew Mine

Come get rich and shoot space pixels with the chillest corp in eve.

Mine Moons
Mine Hulls
Mine Both

Come Get Some.

We be getting fights and making bank. What you wanna do?

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