Industrial school for new bros


We are a new player friendly corp looking for new or old players interested in aspects of the industry.
We As a Corp are looking to build ourselves up from nothing to the point where we can help each other make isk the plan is to do this through corp member joint effort. whenever a fleet operation is conducted all members will get an equal split of the value of risk made, example mining fleet of 6 hulks and 2 venture all members would get 1/8 of the value of isk paid directly to them.
The aim of the corp is to educate new members in the area of industry and give them the building blocks to move on to more advanced opportunities.
So if you are new to EVE or just interested in starting off in Industry or you are an experienced player interested in teaching and passing on your knowledge please feel free to talk to us and maybe make this your home

We offer

  • a quite 0.5 high sec system
  • refinery for sorting your Ore
  • an engineering complex for production and research
  • moon mining
  • mining boosts /Daily Mine ops
  • free Indy ships, be it barges or ships for hauling ores/minerals
  • experience of all aspects of eve
  • SRP and ORE Buyback programs
  • 100’S of BPOS to research, produce BPCs And then build ships and mods to sell
    -in and out of corp Haulers to move product to markets

We can show you other ways to make ISKs

  • running combat sites
  • mission running
  • ninja mining Gas from wormholes
  • data/relic sites from all sec systems
  • pvp

In game mail for more info Or Join NEW MINING BROS chat

What are the limitations on your SRP?

The SRP will cover ships lost on corp organised events geared more towards our WH activities.
Free barges will be supplied to new members

Ah I see. I was sort of hoping your SRP would be really open, making your pilots more willing to put ships at risk.

No wardec for you then -.- sly fox.

We are looking for very new pilots when they have the numbers and can fly some ships for combat
I will send spree the 50 mil for a weeks war
They will need an introduction to pvp
Just hopefully your alliance has finished off vmg by then

…i like you -.-

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