Offering PI opportunities in a C3 WH

Dear pilots,

This offer is for people who have alt(s) fully skilled for PI.
And is best for asocial paranoid lunatic lonewolves who seek for a desolate place to end their old days.

Place : Class 3 WH with static to Null sec (so don’t expect any direct HS door more than once or twice per month)
Planets : Lava AND Plasma (yeah!) also 2 Barren 1 storm, oh well just llok at the stats : J103724
Support : None at all except docking rights to a citadel. And we mean it. You die, your fault.
Cost : just help a little bit to fuel the structures. This offer is not meant to make isk :slight_smile:

Contact me ingame if interested


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Whats the POCO tax set at?

Hmm, if you’re trying to push the PI aspect, I think this is a better system reference.

And what was that tax rate on the POCOs?


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Nice input, thanks.
Tax rate on pocos is zero, we just ask for some help in return when needed and little help for fuel

If this offer is not to make ISK… why should someone do that? Just to help you a bit for nothing in return?
Or did you forget to mention the exposure ISKies?

Please explain, I cant really see where the opportunity is.

Is this r/choosingbegger?

Why would someone do that ? Because they are supposed to haul their stuff and eventually sell them in HS. If you can handle 6 planets, that’s about 500mil per month.
Probably worth the effort, who knows.

can’t you read properly? the OP meant that HE does’nt do that to make isks. But of course people who will come and do PI will make isks…

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I did not understand anything of your sentences, sorry.
Probably because English is not my native language :frowning:
Who is the OP ?
I really don’t see what is unclear in this offer.
But I guess that if I would offer 1bil, you would be suspiscious and decline. Your choice.

Thats why I asked.

And its doesn´t. Cant you properly write?

As I said, English is not my native language, so my apologies if I’m unclear.
“its doesn’t” is also not properly written, right?
Anyway, on a more general subject, I see that this forum place has not changed.
Whatever you write, even positive and being generous, there are always tons of *** to make bad and sarcastic comments. Be welcome to go on, and try to spell properly. Merci.

OP = Original Poster

In this case, you :slight_smile:

Correct, no one has any idea what Gordon11112 is trying to say… he appears to be just jealous/angry, you’re probably best of just ignoring him.

In this instance I think he was trying for: It’s ‘doesn’t’ as he was attempting to correct Wyks typo, the fact he then goes on to say:

is especially amusing given the previous… contribution… to the thread.

Edit: To be clear, it appears as though Gordon11112 cannot read properly :slight_smile:


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Thanks. It helps to know that some people are more or less humans.
Helps not to go insane.
Assuming that I’m not. Free assertion.

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Of course you’re insane, you live in a wormhole.
It’s the good kind of insane though.

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Living in wormhole is a great experience, I tell you.
Especially if you have some paranoid tendencies. They can develop easily there.
But if you like solitude… well a wh with static to null sec is paradise.
I wonder why no one is wanting to join me here.
Peacefully cultivating carrots on the plasma planet. Halala.

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I have lived in a nullsec static once. The logistic is a nightmare. Tho yeah, no traffic is a bliss.

I might try it again after got a jump freighter. Tho, considering the cyno change, jump freighter might need to count the cyno ship as ammo.

People arent using nullsec static for stuff other than null roaming, tho. Its more popular for more PVP oriented group. Especially in this blackout.

About your offer, I take it as you need people to help you fueling the structure, right? Its a big job for something that “not meant to make ISK”

Opening your system as freeport, offer like +10% to +30% of jita prices for the fuels (and use 1%~3% POCO tax for covering fuel offers) might get you some help.

And you just put in your address & phone# for the world to see…don’t think your hole will be quiet anymore. hook is baited

Would you really hide the system name ?
While any request on zkillboard says it all where people live, fight and die?
I thought I could save time on this.
Also I don’t see that many people interested,
Not a single one, to be honest :slight_smile:
Who knows, maybe an armada of furious people will come and plan an eviction.
I have some doubts, though.

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don’t think your hole will be quiet anymore. hook is baited

I’m not sure how much wormhole experience you have or anything, but giving out your jcode doesn’t do all that much unless someone is so bloodthirsty that they are looking specifically for you at almost any cost.

Now saying where your current static is and that you are currently farming with expensive ships, now that would be a bad call.

My advice would be to put a poco tax of like 2-5% maybe and then offer to buy at 80-95% jita prices, depending on what it is. That way you make some money through tax which won’t be very much, but if you can buy it in bulk at low prices, then put it on the market and wait for the price to go up to where you post, you will make ok profit.

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