WTS c2 with a hs/c4 static

Im moving on from the c2… I didnt post an add for the c4 I was occupying… just seemed like a hassle

but I was thinking maybe someone can use this wh system.

I have been living in a c2 for the past month. Its time to move on. I really dont expect much as I have nothing in here to offer.

I will contract a bookmark to the highest bidder. Ill keep an alt in there for one week. If I get no hits, then so be it. no worries.

Im just selling access to the wh really. No citadels to transfer. The customs offices are still up and need to be shot down. theres a couple dead sticks IIRC

the pi isnt the best but will get you one p3 item at a high volume… so you can make really good isk in here from pi.

J sig: J105203

Its been a quite system. I love the HS access and the c4 for rolling for sites. is a great farming post for any corp that seeks pvp and or pve :slight_smile:


IDK what to ask for isk so Ill just take offers. I will set a minimum though, at 100 million isk. :slight_smile:

Should be an inexpensive investment for someone solo or a small corp starting out who wants to venture in to wh space. Ill be cleared out of here today, if you want to act now. :slight_smile:

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