I'm looking to strike a balance here

I be back into Eve here in about a month as an Omega and have been languishing in The Villasen System for the last 3.5 years. Courtesy of the Lai Dai Protection Services.

I’m not currently in a Corporation except the one they put you in when you’re inactive. The Scope, I think it is.

What would your advice be for the type of planet/resources to do PI with? A balance of reasonable security (in Null-Sec) with a reasonable risk/reward ratio? I have the ISK to do it very comfortably.

I’m open to ideas from experienced PI pilots.

There are some good comments and resources in the other thread you started on this topic.

Not to be harsh, but forum rules frown upon duplicate posts like this, so please engage with the folks (including me) who replied there instead of creating new threads. We’re happy to help.


Duplicate thread, please use your original thread to continue your discussion.