Planet Industry is not considered Mining

We have decided to farm (not mine) Planets Materials and so far they are just free isk daily with next to zero effort. We can even skill point farm while waiting to change planet setups. Was it meant to be this easy? I mean we had found mining asteroids very hard as we had always had to reset the drones/lasers and couldn’t really afk but these planets wow, set and forget is the best.

I was asked to check if this is still concidered mining? and if it is then what is wrong with focusing efforts on such PI activity?

The bonus points we can see so far is that every Omega pilot can run a set of 6 planets making tier 4 materials.


Omega Status Planet Permit


Other Capsuleers leave you alone even in lowsec as they are too interested in Faction War lowsec systems and not even worried about any sort of permit as we already pay the 10% tax.

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The PI must flow.


The correct response would be to spice things up, kind of how you refer to the flow.

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not true ive lost epithals to gankers who specificly hunt people running pi


You do know that when we undock we don’t go blind!

Do you also know that how to tank your transport? The prep work that is used to bring the material off the customs office isn’t something we would like to share with you.

All we know is that it is just too easy with next to zero risk even in lowsec!

/ I had just been instructed to request to be hunted!

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But alphas can’t import/export PI stuff. How do you produce Broadcast node out of empty storage space? There is no planet type that allows you to set up raw → P4 production line without the need of importing commodities.

You can click around on a planet as an alpha but nothing profitable comes out of it. You must pay for omega eventually to get stuff out/in :thinking:

And PI isn’t efortless :slight_smile: Resource pockets move around and get temporarily depleted by harvester heads, so you must reposition them constantly to avoid production delays and diminishing yields. Not to mention cycle resetting. Then you have to undock, warp and pay POCO export/import tax for your products, then haul them to market while avoid being ganked at the same time. It is as much effort as other ingame activities imho :slight_smile:

No need to spice it up :wink:

The launchpad option (you mentioned between the lines :wink: ), that allows one to bypass POCO tax, is one way and works for exporting commodities only. And sadly doesn’t work on an alpha account. Besides it can only launch 500m3 (x5 units of P4 commodities) at a time every couple of hours, if I remeber correctly.

We are omega when we access planets and we use the custom office and we do not avoid the tax. We’re happy but feel change is needed to make it more difficult to plex our account with the free material.

/ie spice things up is needed

/I had just been informed that it takes 12 updates a day cycle per day to actually generate enough free material to pay for my ability to have omega status so i understand I am being micro managed. Just like how I am ordered to jump to Jita for extracting.

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Ok, how about making it easier for gankers to sniff out PI setups? I have already submitted my proposal in QoL and even posted a short manual on how to do it atm (with pictures!) :slight_smile:


That’s a great point you’re trying to make here. It is good that you can see the reason for why our leader had instructed me to create this web thread. Please allow me time to relay your message to th leader of Frostpacker.

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There is also 50% probability of PI setups being raided and razed to the ground by incoming CCP London FPS mercenaries playing a dedicated game mode :thinking:

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When I was new player and I was still mining every day 24/7 (because I was told that is the game about lol) I thought so too. It paired nicely with mining staring on your ship mining itself without input.

In the end, I extracted all the SP I put into these skills on all my alts and never did it again since. I consider this to be the most annoying content there is and most stupid too.

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I just been informed that planets can have upwards of 180million is materials at any given time so the shock of logging in to find out that planet was raided is the type of spice we seek.

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We still do need material from mining so please let’s not overlook that part of game play

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The theoretical limit now (depends on market prices ofc) is roughly ~1.2 bil ISK/day.

~20 factories (req. CC Upgrades V) producing a Broadcast node every hour for 24 hours a day produce 480 units. Optimistically assuming all components are flowing in without interruptions.

Avg buy price for Bnode is 2.5mil ISK in The Forge, times 480 units gives 1.2bil ISK. The market isn’t saturated yet and the demand is greater than that :slight_smile:

There are threads out there talking about how we should have the ability to attack PI setups and such.

It’s a mix of mining/manufacturing. This is why I LOVE PI as a 1 account player.

Yes, PI is quite low risk and pretty good reward when the setup is right. I use my Blocade Runner and 6000 m3- 12,000 m3 is plenty for P3 pi setups.

Anything PI related good/bad I am all for tbh. CCP never touches it directly. (the setup side) just what mats are used and where.

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It’s just another CareBear grift by the ultimate CareBears that occupy low/null.

POCOs should be 100% player neutral or have maintenance requirements like stations.

You need a PI permit.

1 billion isk.

The Planets are located in systems outside of your territorial limits and you are not my princess so your demands will not work on me.

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Its pretty obvious that you are not actually doing this and have very little experience. How do I know? Because ive actually done PI in huge scale. There’s no such thing as free btw. By saying that, it proves you know nothing about economics either.

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