Planetary Production: Why full OMEGA?

I have been wondering for some time now why planetary production completely requires OMEGA. Shouldn’t alphas get a chance to test it out with limited capabilities? Like you can only place one command center and you can only build three extractors and one of everything else other than the advanced stuff. What are your guys’ opinions?

PP is already in terrible state. Prices are going only down. It don’t need additional abuse by bots. Since you can have unlimited amount of alpha characters, and you don’t need to login to do PP. Anyone would farm anything available to alphas crashing market.


I see, do you have a solution to that problem?

I like PP as omega. Taking reasons away from encouraging people to subscribe hurts CCP. We don’t need a lot more alphas messing up planets and the market. Really PP as a single account isn’t that exciting in terms of ISK. Especially in HS as a single account. PP is a side income and passive income. Granted people do run extensive PP networks with a lot of accounts. It just doesn’t need to be alpha it would be ripe for exploring.

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You can go Omega on Test and test it there.

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on the test server singularity? and how is that even possible?

On Test:
By Caps for 100isk, insure and selfdestruct. Buy 500 plex, activate Omega, build PI.

I guess I could do that

I guess that does make sense, (idea pops into mind) what if we can do moon colones? That can be the alpha version of PP and maybe it can provide a slow amount of moon ores. I know there is moon mining, but what if we can also have the colonies, (of course there can only be one type, station moon mining or colony moon mining)

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Last time I checked, Alpha characters can establish a colony but can’t export. If they could, some players would create 100 alpha accounts to harvest PI - they don’t need to be efficient because they’re free. That’s why most of the economic simulation is behind the paywall.

I see, and you tried to see if you can get past it with the launch rocket manually?

I have an alpha character who is CEO of my holding corp. You don’t need any skills to establish your first colony so I decided to give it a try - no problem setting up the colony but you can’t export from launchpad or command center. This was about 3 years ago shortly after Alphas were introduced, but I don’t think the restrictions have changed.

well that is…unfortunate. If you could, can you try exporting again and see if the restrictions are lifted at least a little?

That character is now omega and has 6 colonies! My current Alpha has no colonies. No skills are required to establish a colony - you can do it yourself.

But I will not be able to profit from it until I am OMEGA? And I actually may establish one anyways just for the fun of it

Correct. Command centers are cheap - 81K, and you won’t be able to do much without the command center upgrade skill but, if you just want to see how it works, go for it!

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thx, I will do that

if Alphas could do planetary production, then there’s nothing to prevent someone (everyone?) from creating 1,000 Alpha accounts, each with 3x PI alts.
This would collapse the PI market.

IIRC, you can buy plex for 100 isk, just like anything else.

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Thanks, I didn’t know that. The procedure described by me is also suitable to buy SP Injectors as long as they are available and to get max PI skills. In any case it is not wrong to know how to get ISK.