WANTED: a purpose for my alt

Can you give me some inspiration of things I could do with an Omega alt on my main account? Creative or silly ideas are welcome too!

My current characters:

  1. Subcap combat / exploration / PI
  2. Miner / PI
  3. ??? / PI
  4. Out of corp Alpha hauler and trader

Currently only using character #3 for planetary interaction and would like to give this alt more purposes. Two limitations: I will only have Omega on one account and do not multibox.

Have you tried ganking miners?


I’m tempted to do that one day, but I think it would be better to create a new Alpha alt for that, instead of using a PI alt that hasn’t left null in years.

Just skill extract the mining skills and buy Catalysts…


Well if you got a miner and PI going why not complete your industry by getting some BPs and start manufacturing. Even if you just make stuff for yourself to use it can save you some isk or make you some. It can also be done on all your toons without the need for multi boxing.

I like it because it is similar to PI, added income while you are offline.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you got isk and never had to even log in?

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Normally I would say try some FW or some WH diving to add a different kind of activity. However given the small amount of information you’ve provided I’d have to agree with Quor Dresden: try some manufacturing and research.

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how do you get isk amd not log in, show me da way

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