Kinda noob question about PI

Hi to all,
probably this is a noob question, but as a returning player after a decade, I wonder if there is a way to “transfer” somehow my PI structures etc. to another player.
Before my laaaaaarge break, I had establish a clone in an NPC Station in Venal and PI to some planets. Now i am carebearing in highsec and PvP seems to be a far dream for me.
I can dock and undock from the station but I am not able to transfer resources to customs office.
Any ideas?

No. Only the character who established the colony can access it. If you still own that character you can use it to export resources. If you don’t have access to the POCO (it may have changed ownership) you can launch from the command center. It’s painful - 500m3 at a time with a lengthy cooldown between expedited transfers unless you upgrade the link but it can be done. Bookmarks for the launch containers will appear as a tab in the PI app - you have a week to collect them before they disappear.

Also, you need to be omega to export.

It’s OK, I am Omega :slight_smile:

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