PI: Where's my stuff gone after launch?

Hi all,

Long ago, I set up a basic PI complex, extracting stuff and that was it. I forgot about it when I briefly won EVE, and remembered it a day ago, so decided to check what it was.
Long story short, I had a full storage facility, so transferred it to the Command Centre and launched it (no launchpad, so straight from the command centre). However, there’s no ‘Planetary Launches’ in my Journal, nor are there any cans in space. There is a POCO in orbit, from a different corp, but that’s empty. I’ve been charged the Planetary Export Tax, but I have no idea where the stuff has gone. Does anyone have any ideas?


When you launch commodities from your Command Center it will appear in a Jetcan in space somewhere above the planet, now I do not remember how to locate it exactly, I think you’ll find a destination in your Planetary Industry interface, as I have never used the “Launch” option from the Command Center. Cans lauched from CC has a limited lifespan, 2 hours I think (same as jetcans), so you’ll pretty much have to be present in the system, ready to pickup, prior to launching your commodities.

The Command Center only has a capacity of 500m³ which kinda makes it pointless to use unless there are no other options; on the other hand a Player Owned Customs Office (POCO) has a capacity of 27500m³ (if not more). To launch commodities to the POCO you’ll need to make use of a Launch Pad.

It is no longer part of the journal. the launches tab is now part of the planetary production app. Can will survive for 5 days.

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Ahhh… Thanks for that! I did think I must be missing something. Many thanks for that!

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