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(Aleen Arzi) #1

New with limited skills. Placed a command center ( not enough CPU for a launch pad) extractor and heads got it all flowing, got the product to the storage facility and then sent it to the command center—> expedited launch, product is no longer in the storage center—> no longer in the command center—> and not in the customs office either. Whats wrong?

(ISD Sakimura) #2

Commodities launched from the Command Center does not end up in the POCO (to do that you need to use a Launch Pad), but instead it will be launched directly into space in a small container. You should be able to get the location for the “Goods” (container) via your PI-Interface. Open your Planetary Colonies ( Neocom > Business > Planatary Colonies) and switch to the ‘Launches’ tab, and all your launched Commodities should be listed there, keep in mind that these containers launched from the Command Center have a limited lifespan.

Neocom is the menu in the top of your sidebar (either to the left or right).

(Kathern Aurilen) #3

In your journal under planetary launches too.

(Do Little) #4

No longer in Journal. Moved to launches tab in planetary colonies app in the January patch. Launch containers will last 5 days.

(Kathern Aurilen) #5

That sucks. I haven’t been on much since the patch.

(Aleen Arzi) #6

Thx for info

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