How do I move products from Planet to Custom's office? (I've tried and failed)

So I have a thriving colony going on an Oceanic Planet. I’m level 4 Command Center and I’ve setup a spaceport, storage, processors, extractors, etc. I had a large amount of extracted items in my Command Center. I tried to launch them but nothing seemed to happen after I hit launch, other than they are now gone, and are NOT at the custom’s office. Is there some sort of delay?

Can someone please assist? I’m very new to PI. Thanks!

It’s been a while since I did PI, but I do recall that launching them does not transfer them to the customs office. Instead, they will be found floating in a jetcan near the planet, and there should be a bookmark to that location somewhere in your journal.

To transfer to the customs office, you need to build a launch pad. Moving goods from the launch pad to the POCO will happen instantaneously.

There is more info on the following page:


It sounds like you launched it into orbit. As Pedro noted, you need to build a launch pad to move things between the planet and customs office. In the meantime, you should be able to find your cargo in orbit if you check your journal under planetary launches.

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Check planetary launches in your journal - stuff launched from the command center will create a bookmark there. To send stuff to the custom’s office you need to use the launchpad.

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Yup, it was floating in space. lol I picked it up. Thanks! How do I transfer stuff from Command Center or Storage to the launchpad? I’ve setup links and routes, but am not sure how they work. lol

You use expedited transfer. The best setup will route everything through a launchpad. That way you will rarely need to move anything manually.

  • Route P0 from extractor to launchpad and then route from launchpad to basic processor
  • Route P1 from basic processor to launchpad and then route from launchpad to advanced processor
  • Route P2 from advanced processor to launchpad - launch to customs office every week or two when it starts to get full.

Balance your extractors to avoid a buildup of low level product.

Organize your processors in a ring around the launchpad to keep the links as short as possible. Command center will rarely be used for anything but keep it close by in case someone blows up the customs office!

In highsec train the customs code expertise skill to reduce the NPC portion of the export tax.


Awesome, thank you! :smiley:

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