Planetary Customs Office

I am starting planetary interactions. I have established a colony and have produced superconductors, and launched them for pickup. They show up in the Planetary customs office, but how do I transfer the goods to my cargo hold?

Access the customs office (rightclick or use the radial menu) and drag them from the customs office into your ship’s cargohold.

When I access the customs office, I get a window with two halves. There are no items in the left half, and my super conductors are in the right half.

If I try to drag and drop into my cargo bay, nothing happens.

If I highlight the item and hit the transfer button, nothing happens and I get a message saying “Please select one or more commodities to transfer”.

I figured it out. In experimenting, I had accidentally sent the commodities back to the planet. It was in my launch pad again. I launched it back to the customs office and was able to pick it up.

Yes, I thought you had them in the left side already because you said “launched them for pickup”. As you now found out, it’s simply dragging them from the right side in the Poco window (the launch pads on the planet) to the left side (the poco in space).

The expedited transfer option is only for item transfer between launchpads or storage facilities on the planet.

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