Planetary Launch does not transfer to orbit

Problem Launched goods cannot be found.
I checked every Customs office.
I Checked the journal, there is supposed to be a Planetary Launches tab? Nothing.
I ckecked my personal inventory.
Started my first planetary interaction. Successfully extracted compounds. Successfully transferred to the Command centre. Moved item to launch. Launch happens. I get charged Planetary Export Tax.
Amsen VI
:edit No Launch Pad, no factories.

It won’t be in the customs office if you launched it from the command center. I’ll have to check the interface when I can get home to see if I can make a suggestion for you on where to find it.

Perhaps a silly question, but are you Alpha or Omega?

It will be in a jet can in space if you launched from the Command Centre.

Command Center
Sometimes your Customs Office may be camped by pirates or you are simply unwilling to pay the dramatic tax (like 80% or more). And when you start doing PI, the high requirement of a Launchpad may make you unwilling to build one because it reduces the CPU (3600tf per launchpad) available for production facilities. At this time you can use your Command Center to get your commodities off your planet. The screen capture here shows the easier option - a launch prepared from your CC, accessed via the rocket-looking icon. Simply click the items in your storage to add them to the pending launch and when you’re happy click the nice “Go for launch” button (not to be mistaken for the more yummy “Go for lunch” button) and the contents of the launch will end up in a jet can orbiting the planet at a random spot. You get an entry in your planetary production window under launches for its location. This location can be warped to to pick up the items. There is also a timer when the timer ends your production is lost - don’t worry too much, it can last several days before pickup!
After you pick up your items you can simply go sell them on the market like you would anything else. Easy money! The hard part is picking what Commodity to focus on.

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Indeed- the bit I’m not sure about is where that Planetary Launches list moved to with the changes in both the Journal and the new PP window. I always use the customs office, so I can’t say off hand where this might be located now or if it moved.

Neocom-menu > business > planetary colonies

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