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Hi, a few days ago I produced some Aqueous Liquids and later when I selected to produce some Base Metals all those Aqueous Liquids disappeared without any warning. Next day I routed Base Metals to Launchpad. There is “Base Metals” “Incoming” on Routes tab. Today I checked if I can finally launch them to Custom Office but they are still in “Incoming” state in Routes tab. How many days do I need to wait for “Incoming” to be finished?

I’m not really sure what it is you’re trying to do, could you share an explanation or picture of your setup?

Routes are something different from actual goods. If you have an ‘incoming route’ of base metals from your extractor to your storage it just means that any base metals will take that route when they are extracted. It doesn’t mean you have any base metals yet.

And if the extractor isn’t running, has no extraction heads or is trying to extract from a planet without base metals, you probably won’t get any of them either.

Another possibility that could explain why you have no base metals is that you have factories active that turn base metals into reactive metals (which would be a smart thing to do!). In that case I would expect you have reactive metals in your storage.

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On “Products” tab in Extractor Control Unit is:
Type: Base Metals; Amount: 244; Routed
That is because a few days ago I pressed “Start Extraction” on “Install Extraction Program” Tab. ECU is linked and routed to Launchpad. Storage on Launchpad is empty. The only thing (related to Base Metals) in Launchpad is “Routes” tab where I see:
Commodity: Base Metals; Quantity 244; Type: Incoming
I assume I have to wait or do something to be able to see Base Metals in “Storage” tab (or in “Launch” tab) to be able to transfer it to Custom Office, right? It is possible I routed it after I started extraction. Could this be the reason why I have this issue?

Does the extractor have at least a few extractor heads on bright spots where base metals on the planet are found?

And is it running without warning like a red box around the setup in your PI window?

Extraction without a route means those goods go lost.

So if you only set up the route just now, you might see the first goods appear an hour (or longer, I think it depends on extraction rate?) after starting your setup again with correct routes.

Thank you. I will try again.

Also, make sure after you start extraction (or make any other change) you hit the “submit” button. Otherwise nothing happens.

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