Extractor routed or not

Sometimes when doing PI with extractors and changing them every day on new resources on a planet, you forget sometimes to route your extractors.
Only the next day you find out you forgot in some occasions.

My suggestion is to to give an indicator on on the overview whenever extractors are routed or not routed when planets have them.


Just an example. (if extractors are present)

@CCP_MOD requesting this topic to be locked (I don’t care if it’s possible or not) :ice_hockey:

PI needs a redesign on how is set up, not just that.

And why you want the thread to be lock? So no one can reply? Better if is deleted.

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you mean delete your comment if necessary? :parrotmustache:

Just an fyi you can mouse over pi structures and they will high light which other structures are routed to and from it and show which links are involved in the route (and direction of flow)

Mistakes have consequences in Eve and this is as it should be. Make PI too easy and you’ll be selling transmitters for the same price as tritanium!

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