P.I. Extracting, but nothing appears in storage (help)

I’m extracting my ass off, but nothing appears in my commandcenter wearhouse.
I set up the route and the blue lines are moving in the right direction and indicates 20.2% is moving, submitted all, but wearhouse remains empty.
What am I doing wrong?

It’s hard to say without more data. Bear in mind that the extractor control unit does not deliver material continuously - you won’t see anything until the cycle completes. Click the extractor control unit you should see something like this: image

The important bit is the current cycle information. That tells you if your program is running and how long before product is routed to storage. If this isn’t the issue, screen shots of the building info sheets should help people diagnose the problem.

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A common mistake is forgetting to route the product from the extractor to a Storage and/or Facility. So check your Extractor, select it and click the 2nd icon from the left (see Do Little’s image), if it’s not routed it will tell and all you’ll need to do is double-click the product in the box that appear below then double-click the Storage/Facility you want it routed to; lastly remember to click “Submit”.

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i think you made a mistake. I don’t know what you mean as “wearhouse”, but command center is NOT a storage facility. It provides cpu etc to other facilities.
You need to install a storage facility (usually launchpad), and route the extracted products to it

Well cc has a small wearhouse… But I figured it out…
Thanx for the input… :slight_smile:

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